Motivating Cycling Experience

Ventoux offers a unique indoor cycling experience. A truly enjoyable cycling work out where each cyclist can push themselves to maximum effort.  Each session route will vary with flat, climbs and descents requiring a range in effort.

A motivating indoor cycling experience through connectivity. If it’s fun you want, with Ventoux Group Cycle you can enjoy rides bursting with entertainment and motivation: inspirational videos and music to set the mood and the beat, as each cyclist pursue one another in a crescendo of rhythm and emotion to the finish line.


My Wellness Performance technology tracks and monitors your progress each week giving greater improvements and faster progress in fitness levels.
Climbs, descents, flat, races, rhythm riding and sprints work out variation keeps motivation up.
Competition leader-board and real time video gives greater effort in work out with friendly competition and a lot more fun during the session.
The Technogym Cycle bike enables users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience.